Monday, November 22, 2010

So. Tired.

**I started this post yesterday, but I'm just now finishing it. So here ya go.**

O my, ya'll. I'm extremely exhausted. But. I'm here. At school. With a smile on my face and a big fluffy sweatshirt on to make this rainy day before Thanksgiving break a little better.

Ok. That's my rant for this morning. Ha.

Anyways, this week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year! Everything about it is awesome.

1. All of my siblings are here. Which is kind of impossible. Love it though.

2. The rest of my family comes over, too. Precious Grandparents. :)

3. Food. Lots and lots of food. And let me tell you, I come from a longggg line of UH-MAZING home-cookers. :)

4. No School. At least for 3 days. Pure wonderfullness.

5. Lots of reading, painting, sleeping, and other things that make this girl happy. :)

Ok. So now that I've reached a good number of happy Thanksgiving things, I guess I will go! Just to finish this day of school and then on to Thanksgiving break!

P.S. Sassy is laughing histerically because she thinks blogs are ridiculous... She's starting her own as I type. Whose ridiculous now?!? :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Quick One

Hey! Look at me... Blogging two days after the last post. :) You should be proud.

So this will be quick, because I'm at school, but just wanted to leave you with a video that our youth group watched a while back. Such an awesome reminder of how our relationship with Christ SHOULD be. For me, it isn't most of the time. I really struggle with giving Christ complete control over every aspect of my life. But this video is an awesome illustration of that struggle.

So. Get off your stool, and let Christ sit down for a while. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Junior Year Thus Far

Well, hello there. :)

I know, I know. It's been too long. But my semester so far has been pretty crazy. PRAISE THE LORD I ONLY HAVE ONE WEEK UNTIL THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! One thing I'm thankful for... Thanksgiving break. ;) Ha. Well, school has been crazy. Along with balancing all of the other parts of a teenage girl's life. Oh, Lordy. It's been insane. But, things are looking up, and I think they are starting to settle down... Hopefully.

Lately I've been struggling with a lot of stuff, like I said in my last post, and I think I've come to some sort of conclusion. Basically, I've realized that while I constantly wish for my plans to actually go through, I need to be reminded that my plans may not be God's plans. Honestly, most of the time they don't match up. But even when I think that nothing will work out. That everything is all too stressful. When I feel alone, confused, or whatever. I know that GOD is with me. And HIS plans are much better than mine ever will be.

My life verse, at least for right now, is Psalm 34:18. This is a verse that I think every teenage girl should know. Memorize it. Think it. Believe it. Live it.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and He saves those whose spirits have been crushed."

So... That's that. I promise that I will try my best to be more disciplined about posting more. You know, I don't know who created blogs, but they have really helped a girl out. It's always good to simply write about drama/struggles/anything else. Whether anyone reads this, or not, I really think that this blog has made me more honest with myself... Thanks Mr. Super-smart-nerdy-blog-maker-guy. :)

Well, I guess I will go now. Yo necesito estudiar para mi examen de Espanol. **Translation: I need to study for my Spanish quiz.** Looks like I've got a head start! Talk to you soon. I promise. ;)