Monday, May 17, 2010

Life Right Now...

Hellewwwww :)

Life. Is. Crazy. Right. Now. With school ALMOST over (Thank goodness!!!), it is pretty hectic around here. Tons going on... End of the year band/choir concerts, art shows, graduations, award ceremonies. Not to mention normal homework and fun stuff like that. ;) This week is our last full week of school, and then we have finals next week. Pretty nervous. If you think about it, send up a prayer for my friends and I, this is a pretty stressful time! Anyways, we are all extremely ready for summer to be here! Here's just a few reasons...

1. Pretty Weather: It rained pretty much all last week... depressing. So I know we are all ready for sunshine and hot summer days.

2. NO SCHOOL: While school is (somewhat) important :), It is going to be SO extremely wonderful to have no homework, Algebra 2, Chemistry, and other crazy subjects that we will never use in daily life to worry about. Haha. O well... 10 years down, 2 to go. I will miss seeing these beautiful faces every day at lunch though. :)

3. Summer Jobs: Now, most people I know aren't looking forward to waking up early and working all. day. long. But I am!!! I'm super excited about my job this summer. I am babysitting 5 days a week. 4 days for one family, and 1 day for another. I know it will be busy, but I am still looking forward to it. So blessed to have this opportunity.

4. Wednesday Night Church: There is just something about Wednesday night church in the summertime. I am really looking forward to Overdrive this summer at our church. If you don't go anywhere on Wednesday nights, you should come check it out sometime! Awesome speakers, great worship, and sand volleyball afterwards. Also... can't wait for Frozen Tung's Sno-cones after those nights. So much fun!

5. Fun all around: Swimming, Sno-cones, Water Reservoir Limitation Device Walks ;) (AKA walks on the Lake Fayetteville Dam), Movie Nights, Staying up late... etc. I. Can't. Wait. For. Summer!!!

Listing those things makes me want summer to be here right now! Patience, Katie. Patience. It will be here and gone before we know it. Well... I listed some of my favorite summer activities... What are some of yours?


Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthdays+History Day+Preschool Choir=CRAZINESS

Hey there!

Well... I promise that there is a really good reason for not posting a blessed anything for so long! A crazy semester at school plus a number of other things can cut into a girl's blogging time, ya know? ;) Anyways... Here is a recap of the last several weeks.

1) First, in early April, Paris turned Sweet 16! O yeah! We had a TON of fun at her party. First, Cheyne and I did a little scavenger hunt (O sweet revenge. Haha) for the birthday girly. It was pretty hilarious... She figured out the clues pretty quick! Thank goodness for that because the people at an unnamed eating establishment were not very kind... Oh well. We still had fun. :) After eating, we headed out to Cheyne's for cake, presents, and Wii. O so fun! My friends. O dear. Haha Gotta love them though!

Here is just a peek of the fun evening... :)

2) Second... is History Day. O sweet, dear, lovely, and SO HAPPY IT'S OVER History Day. :) Well, we got to state History in our wonderful state's capital, and had a blast down there. We played all sorts of games, and had a really good time... Until the awards ceremony. We (Paris, Other History Day Partner, and I) thought we did AWESOME in our judging time. They loved us and our project, and we really thought we had a chance. And we did. Let me just say that the project next to ours was about Prostitution. Yes. A History project. On that. I don't see the impact and change in a great innovation with THAT topic. O well. Haha. Through the grapevine, we heard that our project was in the finals for judging and in the top 4. Well... Let's just say we got 4th. Haha. There is obviously only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and 3rd doesn't even go to Nationals. But we were happy with our "4th place" even though we were not "honorably mentioned". Ha

*Here's an interesting fact about one of our judging sheets... On one of our sides, the title of that specific side is "Commemorative". And on our judging sheet they said, "On side 3... the title 'commerative' is kind of hard to read." Yes they did. They spelled Commemorative wrong. On the judging sheet... Umm, excuse me Mr. Judge. Yes, you. Well, could you maybe not count off for something you can't spell? Ok. Maybe I am a tad bit bitter... Nah. :)

Here is a cute pic of our group...

3) Preschool Choir. Ya know... It's really a lot harder than it sounds. People say to me, "Come on. How hard is it to get some little kids to sing some songs??" O people. Let me tell you. It is not only getting them to sing some songs. It is maintaining control of a group of 3-yr.-old children on the HUGE stage in the Worship Center. It is getting them to not pick their nose, lift up their shirts (or any other article of clothing for that matter), hit some other little child and knock them down, etc. etc. It is getting these sweet little kiddos to smile innocently while their loving parents sit and "Oooo-and-Ahhh" over their precious babies. Yes, folks. Much more than just singing some songs. But even through all of the chaos. Even through the snot drips (and snotty attitudes), I love those kids. It is really an honor to be a part of helping them learn how to worship Jesus. And that my friend, is ALL that matters.

Just a picture of those sweet kids on their last night of choir (Along with their beautiful choir teachers. ;) THANKS GIRLS!)...

Well... There you go. My life for the past month or so. What a time in my life. :) I'm sure there are some even busier days ahead for this Sophomore. Off to do homework!

P.S. 18 DAYS LEFT OF MY SOPHOMORE YEAR!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited? :)