Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging in Computer Class

Alright. This one will be short. I'm sitting in Computer Class. Blogging. Ironic? A tad, yes. Haha.

I've already finished my projects, so I decided... Why not blog? I don't have any other time to do it anyways.

So... My life has been flying fast. School was crazy last week. So. Much. Homework. It was slightly ridiculous. Ok, very ridiculous. Anyways, a couple of nights of being up until almost two did me in. I'm still catching up on all that lost sleep. Oh, well. Maybe better this week... Yeah, right. :)

My life is kind of boring right now. School. Home. Homework. Eat. Hold my cutest-in-the-world nephew. Sleep. And the cycle starts all over again. Maybe in a couple of weeks, things will pick up. Not that I need to lose any more sleep. Ooof. Makes me yawn just thinking about it.

Spiritually, I'm just dealing with some stuff right now. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but when I figure something out, I will most likely blog about it. Maybe. ;)

Well... Told you this would be short! I'm about to get graded, and I'm pretty sure it isn't on my mad blogging skills. Haha

Talk to you soooooon :)

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