Tuesday, January 18, 2011



So this post is going to be kind of random and short, but I'm just trying my best to catch up on life, so just hang on with me.

So I've noticed that most blogs that I read are written by Moms, Wives, etc. And they almost always write something like... I'm writing this blog for my kids/family. So that someday I can look back on their lives and remember the memories. Well. Clearly, I am not a mother. Or even a wife. And I most DEFINITELY do not have any kids. Haha. So I guess I write this blog to remember my high school years. People are always telling me that these are the best days of your life. That once I get out of here, I'm in the "real world". Whatever that is. Anyways, I just want to keep all of this in my mind. I know that when I'm 25, 35, 45, etc... I probably won't really care about high school and everything, but I still think it will be interesting to look back on. Very, very interesting. :)

So this blog, I guess, is kind of like a journal... Except with some (A LOT) of the details left out. Haha. **Some things are just meant to stay a secret...** Maybe this blog will be full of crazy, high school drama. Or maybe it will be about lessons learned. But whatever the reason, I'm doing this for myself. So that someday I can look back on my teenage life and remember the memories.

Talk to you soon. :)

Computer Science Class ;)


  1. hi. this is from your biggest fans: buh and nuh.
    we read your blog every morning and follow you on twiter and facebook. We like to occasionaly poke you on the facebook and we were wondering who you were taking to the prom. if you are free on that soon to be glorious night, we would love to be your dates. I am going to be looking good and you dont want to miss that beautiful sight.
    love: your biggest fans, Buh and Nuh!!!!!!
    ps. if a buh is a nuh, and chuh is a puh, what is a muh???
    please respond.
    dont kep me waiting.

  2. Muh and Zuh here!! just noticed that you haven't updated you blog in a while.... We are bored and need new material to read. GET TO TYPING!!! We want the scoop on your life....allllll of itttttt. please do not keep us waiting again.
    Zuh and Muh!!!